“Explode Your Potential”

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So many of us who workout, exercise or engage in athletics on a regular basis, do it because of the feeling we get from it.  It’s an important part o f our life as it brings added energy, strength, balance and inner peace.   The drive to improve our emotional and physical state is what keeps us motivated and driven.
But then it happens- the Plateau, the ceiling.  We all eventually hit it.  Everyone knows it, the point that you just can’t get past.  It could be during a particular workout, yet for others it’s at that point during a sport that we just can’t move beyond.  You have been working on your golf swing for years, but you still lack precise balance and you can’t drive the ball as far as you know you can.  After with minutes into your boxing routine, you have lost focus, accuracy, and speed.  You get the picture….

Reprinted from MedHelp.org

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