Excessive Or Uneven Gums

You don’t have to accept a smile afflicted by excessive or uneven gums. You have options that can correct gum-related cosmetic issues and transform your smile. Read on to learn about excessive gums and how the leading cosmetic dentists in Miami can get you the treatment you need.

What are Excessive or Uneven Gums?

Sometimes referred to as a “gummy smile,” excessive gums almost seem to droop too low over the teeth. Because mouths vary so much, there is no standard definition for what qualifies as “excessive,” although gums are generally considered excessive if they extend about four millimeters over the teeth — roughly an eighth of an inch. Uneven gums are just that: gums that are or appear uneven. This can be the result of excessive gums, or because of afflictions affecting certain parts of the mouth.

What Causes Excessive Gums?

Excessive gums can be caused by a number of issues — and not all are a direct result of the gums themselves. In short, your mouth must be properly “balanced” in order to have a smile that does not appear overly gummy. Here are the main reasons a person’s gums might appear excessive:

– The gum tissue itself actually is excessive. This can be the result of irritated, inflamed or diseased gums — or it can simply be genetic.
– The upper lip pulls slightly higher than normal. In other words, your smile is “normal” but your lip exposes too much of it.
– The teeth are misshapen. This can be from an injury or, again, simple genetics.
– The upper jaw is misaligned vertically in relation to the rest of the skull.

How Are Excessive Gums Treated

Excessive gums can be treated with simple surgery or orthodontic procedures, depending on the actual cause of the problem. Options range from same-day treatments to more involved surgical sculpting of both gum tissue and bone. If the problem is tooth alignment or shape, patients might be treated with orthodontic procedures to straighten the teeth.

Why Real Smile?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Miami, Real Smile is a known leader. Our team is skilled and compassionate, and we take a holistic approach tailored to the individual patient. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn how we can treat excessive gums or any other issues having a negative impact on your smile.