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Bonding Procedures

Bonding Procedures

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you have multiple options to improve your smile, from implants and veneers to bonding. Bonding is a very popular option for multiple reasons, and it’s a service the Miami cosmetic dentist team at Real Smile excels at. Below, read more about the bonding process, how to decide whether it’s right for you and how Real Smile is leading the way.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is an alternative to veneers. It’s sometimes favored over veneers because it is less permanent – meaning the process can be redone more easily if and when it’s needed. Like veneers, bonding takes a tooth-colored material practically identical to natural-tooth enamel. It is customized, molded and shaped so that it adheres your teeth. The material is then hardened and polished to look natural and stunning. From an outside perspective, the end result is a smile that appears naturally flawless.

How Do I Know if I Need Bonding Done?

Bonding is highly effective and a fairly simple procedure — you might seek this type of dental care for several reasons:

  • Discolored teeth – As a key reason to get dental bonding, discolored teeth can be caused naturally or from staining – such as from wine or smoking. Bonding is an excellent way to enjoy whiter teeth immediately.
  • Misshapen teeth – Some teeth are naturally misshapen. Dental bonding can help you achieve a more uniform smile, from tooth to tooth.
  • Damaged or chipped teeth – Accidents happen. You could chip your tooth as a child, or you could suffer more serious dental damage from a fall or car accident. Bonding is a common way to address this type of issue, since it takes the teeth you have and physically covers any damage with a clean, attractive bond.
  • Tooth decay – Similarly, tooth decay causes unsightly problems that can be better concealed with bonding. For example, some forms of decay will cause receding gums, which can often be easily addressed from a cosmetic standpoint with bonding.
  • Spacing issues – Teeth spacing doesn’t always require braces or aligners. In fact, sometimes those procedures aren’t recommended at all. Bonding takes care of spacing issues by helping you cover any gaps in a way that appears organic and seamless.

Why is Real Smile the Best Option?

Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry in Miami understand that Real Smile is without a doubt the best option. We are home to an incredibly skilled team of dental professionals, and we have access to the most cutting-edge dental equipment in the industry.

We strive to keep ahead of industry trends so that your experience is as easy and pain-free as possible. Additionally, we go the extra mile when it comes to patient comfort. We ensure that our patients are comfortable from the moment they set foot in our lobby until they have completed their visit. We take your satisfaction seriously, and that is why we have earned a reputation as a leading team of Miami cosmetic dentists.

To learn more about our bonding services or any other cosmetic-dentistry service, contact us today.