Answering TMJ Pain Relief Questions


While at work the other day, I received an email notification from my oldest and most popular blog on TMJ/TMD Pain Relief matters.

While reading it and in my mind formulating my answer to a TMJ and TMD Prototypical Patient.

Here are some of the symptoms the patient suffers from:

  1. Variable tension in my right masseter with a constantly changing bite.
  2.  Constant low grade ear ache in my right ear.
  3. A sore area in my throat upper back right side.
  4.  Sometimes low grade pain behind my left eye.
  5. Variable nerve pain down my left arm and sometimes in my right shoulder.
  6. Variable muscle tension in my neck.

And some of the things he is currently doing to help to relieve the pain and still suffers from TMJ/TMD Pain

  • Eating right
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Therapy

I realized that the post really deserved its own thread. I am including the post and my summation or by clicking here Hamid Nassery, DMD, FICOI, FAGD, FICCMO

In this article I identify the source of the pain and describe some of the ideal solution I as a Neuromuscular Dental Physician would help him with.

TMJ Pain Relief :  TMJ and TMD Prototypical Patient

To Read Full Article Please Visit :—TMJ-and-TMD-Prototypical-Patient-

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